Saturday, May 10, 2014

Colorful Coral

I'm back to looking into the old files again. I always seem to migrate to the Hawai'i files when I do this. Hmmmm...


  1. Very clear, and colorful picture! If I was there, I would bring home, and eat that sea urchin from the 2nd shot. LOL.

  2. Oh Shutterbugs I need your help. We have a new monk seal pup that is cute as a bug. My problem is he/she is black as coal. Any tips as to bring out the detail in a black animal????
    Signed, your friend in Hawaii!!!
    Mahalo, Val

    1. Aloha Val,

      There's a couple of ways to do that but the easiest is to use "spot metering". Your new point and shoot should have it but I know hubby's camera has it. Look in your metering menu, there should be three choices, matrix, center-weighted or spot. Choose spot and then when you frame your shot there should be a small square in the center of the frame (this can be moved around if you don't want it centered). Put the spot on your seal and the camera should meter for the light on the seal and not the rest of the frame. This should bring out the seal.

      You can also get into the exposure control and bring up the exposure compensation some to make it a brighter shot but this will affect the whole shot.

    2. The other way to brighten up the new seal pup is in post processing which may give you the results you are looking for. This may be a way to get the most out of the pictures you've already taken.
      Without going into a great deal of detail just have a look to see if the post processing program you use has a way to brighten shadows or dark areas without effecting the lighter areas.

  3. What's this? You been keeping these two aces up your sleeve... Both very nice underwater scenes! , Definitely clear and colorful like Q says.


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