Monday, May 5, 2014

Yellow Bird

Found this bright yellow bird at the beach a few days ago and managed to get a few good pictures before it got camera shy. A quick look through the bird book tells that this is an American Goldfinch. Northern Vancouver Island where I am is at the extreme northern end of it's known range.


  1. That's a pretty good shot. Are you trying to say you couldn't just walk right up to the bird and get a close up photo? Maybe you should have had you wife take the photos! LOL

    Was this taken with the 18-300mm or your Sigma lens?

    1. This was with the 18-300. The little fellow didn't stick around long enough to dig out the Sigma! Oh well maybe next time!

  2. Good find! I really like the colors on this bird.

  3. Nice! Finding a bird with bright color sure makes a good subject to have in one's lens.


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