Friday, May 16, 2014

Flying Rubies

 Well I finally got sometime to take a few photos that weren't kindergarten or kid related the other day. I was able to capture quite a few photos of this Ruby Throated Hummingbird the other day while at Ron's house. I spent most of the day sitting outside enjoying the warm day waiting for this little hummer to buzz to and from the feeder. I also captured a few photos of another acrobatic hummer but I will post the another time. 

 All of these are shot at or around 750mm (crop sensor mm) with a tripod. In the top three photos I was lucky enough to have the hummingbird land about 7 ft from where I was sitting. It stayed there for a good 2 minutes before buzzing off.  These are not cropped at all. In the bottom three I cropped them about 50% to get rid of some of the excess background.  


  1. Nice captures!
    These all came out real good, looks like you had some good light to work with when you took these pictures.

  2. Nothing like rubbing it in. Come out to my house and take pictures in my yard while I'm working, I really got to get out more! LOL

    These came out really nice. I guess I'm going to have to park my butt in the front yard for a few hours this weekend.

    1. Lets try this today if you could! use your flashes at lower power @1/6 power or less to freeze the bird. shoot at small f-stop, and shutter speed 1/250 @ f/16, ISO 200.

  3. Nice! You almost got the wings freeze.

  4. These are great Aaron. I especially like the bottom three.

  5. Very nice! Sounds like a great way to spend the day.


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