Monday, October 20, 2014

More from Maui

I blame it on Paul. I've been trying to be good and not post a bunch of Hawaii photos but Paul just had to put up his wall art photos so I started daydreaming about Maui again.
I've think I've posted different versions of both of these shots before. These were both taken along the Road to Hana and the bottom photo is an HDR image of five bracket shots.


  1. I really like that waterfall shot. Can't wait to get out and take a few of these myself!

  2. How very gorgeous!

  3. Love the sky in that second photo.

  4. Oh sure blame your Maui obsession on me... Only one cure for you, go back to Maui, soon!

    Love that waterfall picture!

  5. Nothing wrong with day dreaming about Maui! Hopefully, this time you have some free time to make a stop on Kauai island. I know someone there ready to welcome you with a big open arms.


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