Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Real Captain.

Actually the boat is on auto pilot mode.  Soon after this shot, we got flagged down by the French coast guard for not putting up the French flag instead of our Texas flag, and drinking while operating the vessel.  No fine nor anyone got arrested for this!  I just drank out from a cup after that,


  1. Captain Q... kind of has a nice ring to it!

    Lucky for you and your crew, sounds like the fellows on the French Coast Guard boat were in a good mood that day.

  2. Looks like a man in charge!

    No Texas flag?? Damn commies! LOL

  3. Looking good! Come back to Kauai, we don't care if you drink outta your bottle and we'll let you fly that Texas flag!!! More pics please!!!

  4. Majestic figure of the skipper is very cool.


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