Monday, October 13, 2014

Museum at Prairiefire

I found this is awesome building in a suburb of Kansas City while out and about celebrating my son's birthday. It is the Museum at Prairiefire of Natural History. We were limited on time and we had all three kids, which were tired from all the morning events, so we didn't get a chance to go in and explore. We did walk around and explore the outside of the building. The top photo is a 10 shot panorama shot vertically to get as much detail in the photo.  


  1. Most interesting building if you can call it that. Looks more like standing art on a massive scale! I can't help but wonder what is inside...

    Your 10 shot panorama came out excellent!

  2. This is seriously awesome! Brilliant colors and architecture...makes one want to go there right away!

  3. It looks like a box of crayons melted all ove the building. The panoram came out really great.


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