Monday, January 9, 2017

Here today....

...gone to Maui!

It's that time. I'm tired of working and I'm tired of the cold so I'm off to the Land of Aloha to see my aquatic friends. By tomorrow afternoon I will be swimming in the Pacific ocean and drinking mai tais. Not at the same time of course.

I will be sure to post some photos from the island while I'm there.



  1. Have fun Buddy! Can't wait to see your pictures from this trip.

  2. Safe travels, hope you and Cheryl have a great time!
    Looking forward to more great pictures!

  3. Welcome Back!! Are you ever going to venture here to the Garden Isle??

    1. Aloha Val!!! It's definitely in our plans. Next year we're going to the Big Island and the year after that will probably be Kuau'i. I just REALLY like Maui a lot!


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