Saturday, January 28, 2017

Under the sea

For me, this was a banner year for getting some whale shots. I think I got the best whale shots I have ever gotten. I had to go out on a boat three different times to get them but still, a great year!

I'm already planning several boat trips for next whale season so I can try to get even better photos of the whales breaching and swimming underwater.

This photo (and the other one I posted a few days ago) were taken early in the morning before the sun had gotten high in the sky so it was still a little dark in the water so the lighting on them isn't great.

As much as I have learned about underwater photography I still haven't learned much about photographing whales underwater. Because of their size and the color drop off through the water you almost always have to use a fisheye lens to get the shot and you have to be really close! I was only about ten feet away when I took this photo which was probably about 4 feet too far.

Even though I am proud of these photos, they are the best I've ever gotten, they don't even compare to the good photos I have seen and will endeavor to get. Apparently all it takes is a lot of time on/in the water and some luck.

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  1. Amazing photo Ron, can't wait to see what you come up with next trip!


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