Saturday, August 10, 2013

Calamari on the hoof, so to speak

Unlike in Paul's neck of the woods it's been raining here almost everyday this week so taking photos has been difficult. So now you get to see a few more shots from our last trip to Maui.
These were taken near Black Rock on Ka'anapali Beach. I have to say, squid are fast little suckers!


  1. Going to have to get you one of the motorized props so you can keep up with them. lol.

  2. Nice shots, I didn't know there were squid around the reefs in Hawaii. Sure are tasty when done up as calamari!

  3. send the rain DOWN HERE! dangnabbit! dry as a bone and hotter 'n hell, too, all week! (okay, i'm a little cranky...)

  4. lol @ on the hoof.

    Isn't calamari octopus? That's a squid, if I'm not mistaken. Then again, I am frequently mistaken!

  5. Bet it tastes just like chicken. LOL!

    1. Well, the best way to cook this creature is grilling on a hot charcoals, with olive oil, and sea salt. Love to eat them, it doesn't tastes like chicken, but better. Next time we meet, I will make some for you guys. LOL.


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