Friday, August 23, 2013


Desert Rose

The Desert Rose had a record setting year for flowers. At one time nine were counted occupying the plant at the same time!

Wagon Load

The rose lives in this old wagon on the north porch.


Not for sure what the little cluster of red and white flowers are; but the five pointed star shaped flower is a nice petunia, in a nice shade of red.


These pics were all made in July of this year. Miss Charlotte declares this has been one of the best growing years in a long time. Here it is August and we still have rich green grass and flowers all around. She grows and tends them, mows the grass, and I get the hardest job. Picking out my favorite of the many varieties while making sure my chair stays in the shade!


  1. That's quite the back yard you and Charlotte have there! Beautiful flowers but that Desert Rose is definitely the "belle of the ball".

  2. they're beautiful! lucky you on a good fall! we're brown and crispy and the ground is splitting.

  3. lovely flowers and I agree with Miss was a great growing year.


  4. I love Geraniums. They look great against an adobe wall.

  5. It looks like you are finding some wonderful images for September Theme Day, PINK! Love ALL the flowers you posted, but the sound of the word, Desert Rose, plus its beauty have captured my attention!

  6. I think I like your job the best! Nice photos. The desert rose is definitely a nice subject.

  7. Love that first shot, and nice backyard you have there.


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