Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remembering The Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite

Thanks to Tex from the Run Around Ranch for a memory jog back to last summer. Her yesterday's Post about her first Kite sighting had me looking back at my last years pics. Found these three that I hadn't posted so thought maybe now was the time.

Top Perch

Picture taking and traveling has been pretty much on hold so far this year, so looking back to last years adventures I found my Kite photos. Not only were pictures of the raptors found, but also my snapshot pics of my friends who were camped out in the same campground as I. What a time we had!

I'm Camped In Site #56 With Parker

How lucky to have the nesting pair in the tall Post Oak tree to share your campsite with. Their mating tree was the dead Oak in the first and second pics above. From all their activity over the couple of weeks I was there, I'm sure they must have had a successful brood to raise!

Having one's memory jogged and remembering fun photo shoots and adventures like this are good for the Soul! Being able to make these adventures is even better!


  1. oh, your photos are 100x better than mine! wonderful to see them near your campsite!

    1. Just lucky! I like when Lady Luck rides on my shoulder!

  2. Looks very proud and serious.

  3. What a noble looking bird, nice close in pictures!

    Sounds like you need a road trip... You could always make your way over to the West Coast of Canada, lots to see and do over here!


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