Saturday, August 3, 2013

Safe surfing II

Another tacky tourist picture from Waikiki... Ha ha!

Hidden away in the seldom visited upstairs portion of the International Market Place is this wall of water and a surfboard that just invites the more adventurous tourist to climb aboard and get their picture taken. Naturally I fell for it!


  1. I have to say your shot looks much cooler than mine! I would have had to do a little photoshopping on that one. LOL!

    You look a lot younger in this photo!

    1. Yes much younger indeed... This picture is from 2001 with my trusty old Kodak D5000 2 mp camera. Next trip I'll have to go see if that wave and board is still there.

  2. What I can see you looks very natural on that board. Lets try on a real one next time.

  3. Very Cool. Even have the spot for your hand in the wave.


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