Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hiking the hills above Port Hardy

Eventually when you get up high enough you can see the forested hills that make up so much of the Northern tip of Vancouver Island. Though much has been logged over the years the hills are lush with second growth trees of numerous evergreen species. 

Many lakes of all sizes can be found on the North Island. This particular one is only accessible by trail. Though I didn't bring a fishing rod I could see that there were definitely fish to be caught had I done so.

The three amigos after an afternoon of hiking...


  1. i just LOVE your big pups!!! best hiking companions ever! :)

  2. Fantastic scenery up your way! Contented looking hiking crew after a days fun!

  3. love the captures. The 3 boys are very handsome.

  4. How did you get those 3 amigos to sit and pose so beautifully! I'd love to have them join me on a little jaunt.

    1. Oh Kate you have no idea what a bunch of rascals these three are! Like kids the only way to get them to hold still fore more than a few moments is to tire them out... Only problem is I tucker out quicker than they do these days, ha ha!

  5. I really like that top shot! The three amigos look like they're ready for more.

  6. Love those amigos shot! We just adopted a dog last weekend, and I need to her out for a photo shoot soon.


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