Thursday, January 2, 2014

Visit from a Red Bird !

Northern Cardinal
The Cardinals are always a welcome sight!

Eating Sunflower Seeds
Winter birds can be pretty drab, but the bright red of the cardinal seems to lift one's spirit! Especially on a cold December day when snow flurries are in the air.

Red and Wary!
On these winter days I prefer to observe and take photos through the windows of the sun room. The only problem is, its hard to be sneaky! At the slightest movement from me or anyone else in the room, these red birds are gone! The females seem to be more aware and on guard than the males. I've yet to get a decent pic of one at the feeder.

Cracking Seeds
These cardinals must have powerful jaws. Wrenching a black sun flower seed from the bell, they give it a quick bite which pops the seed from the hull and into their mouth. The hulls fall to the side and they are onto the next seed. Fast and efficient feeders! Suppose it comes with being aware and skittish of it's surroundings!


  1. That was one handsome vistor you had there. Nice shots Parker.

  2. i do like them - especially at this time of year when they brighten up any tree they land in.

  3. Sure are beautiful birds and you got some real nice pictures too!

  4. You're getting some really good photos through the window. The bright red is a nice sight with the drab and white winter. In this weather it's good to stay inside! We're supposed to be 10 below this weekend. It's time to break out the artic gear.

  5. You have some nice visitors during the winter! Great shots from your window.


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