Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Paul Play Ground!

While we visiting Vancouver with my wife families, I have decided to take a day to visit Paul in person.  I'm glad I have make right decision to do that.  Paul is very interesting man to meet, and his wife is a sweet lady.  Paul took a whole day to show me around of his paradise.  What I have seen, I wish, I could have more time on this island.  There's a lot of things to see, and photograph.  Like Paul said I will be back, you're absolutely correct.  I would recommended to take another an hour flight from Vancouver, then you will find yourself on a paradise.  Unless, you preferred a night light, stay in Vancouver, and put up the horrible traffic.  Thanks Paul!


  1. Very happy you were able to come and see for yourself this little patch of "Paradise North" on Vancouver Island!

    I look forward to your next visit, there is so much more to see, hopefully you come for a month next time! (Bring Ron and Cheryl with you!)

  2. Just a little bit of paint and that truck will be as good as new! LOL

    Maybe a trip to Maui is in order for you Paul. Q may make it next summer so maybe you can too. I think you'll like it a lot more than Oahu. You'll have your very own private tour guide!


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