Saturday, July 15, 2017

These are from in Port Hardy, and near the airport.  When I arrived in Port Hardy, somehow my Nikor 200-400mm lens failed to operate on me.  Lucky enough, Paul have extra telephoto lens for me use.  The first 4 pictures are from Sigma 200-400mm, and the bottom two photos are from 17-35mm with 50-60% cropped.  Good advice for everyone!  We need to check our camera equipment before take it on our trip...  It could be disaster if Paul wasn't there to loan me one.  I'm a lucky guy on this trip, I have a free personal tour guide, and extra camera gear on standby.  Thanks Paul!


  1. Amazing captures, especially those last two action shots!

  2. Very nice series of photos .. Congratulations and greetings

    Beautiful eagle. I love.

  3. WoW! These are great! I can't believe the last two were from the 17-35. Even cropped 50% they are super sharp. You had to be pretty close for those.


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