Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shooting stars from the House of the Sun

Haleakala, Hawaiian for the House of the Sun, is the dormant volcano here on Maui. Driving to the top of the 10,023 foot peak is a definite must when you are here. Just make sure to bring some warm clothes because it gets a little cool at that elevation, it even snows every once in a while.

Last night the skies were clear so I grabbed the camera gear and headed up the volcano. One of the best things about living in up-country Maui is I'm only about an hour to the summit from my house so it's not a bad trip.

The milky way is visible here during the summer months so I took advantage of that fact and got some long awaited Milky Way photos.

When we came here for vacation during January every year I couldn't see the Milky Way so now I am looking forward to making the trek to the top of the volcano several times this summer for some star shots. I'm hoping to hike down into the caldera in the next few weeks and get some night shots from that vantage point.


  1. With all of my Milky Way shots in the past, it doesn't have a deep colorful like this one. I guess it helps from 10,000 feet. Beautiful shot!!!!!

  2. That's got to be the best Milky Way photo I think I've ever seen! So colorful as Q already pointed out.

    You sure are getting some excellent photo opportunities over there on Maui!

  3. Thanks guys!! When you come to visit you're going to have to stay for a month just so I can take you around to all of the cool photographic opportunities.

    This has been one of the best decisions of my life. I love it here. It's still a little weird not having to worry about packing my suitcase and going to the airport because the vacation is over but I can live with that!


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