Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Devastating Weather

These two photos were taken from a small airplane just after Hurricane Katrina. This area is Gulfport, MS and you can see the debris line from what use to be houses. The ocean is at the bottom of the photo.
If you look to the right side of the first photo I have put a red box around a home with a red roof. This is my fathers home. Although it was still standing after the storm his refrigerator had floated from the kitchen into the family room!
The second photo is the same area, just closer in.

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  1. Oh Man that's crazy! Talk about being on the edge of disaster! It must have taken a long time to rebuild that neighbourhood, I trust that all is well with your Father and that he is back in his home or a better one.

    Mother nature is definately to be respected! You likely live in an area given to tornados and all we have to worry about here on the West Coast is earthquakes and tidal waves... Not to mention that we all have to worry about the Swine Flu now!


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