Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the weeds

Literally and figuratively. 

I was in the weeds when I took this photo and now I am back in the weeds at work. I may never get caught up!

This photo was an experiment just to see what would happen. I have been using focus stacking on my macro shots to get a better "all in focus" view so I thought I would try it on a larger scale just to see what happened. Instead of using a small aperture I took a series of six images, all focused at different points through the photo and then stacked them together.


  1. don't get bit by chiggers while you're in there! ;)

  2. At first when I read the title to your post I was worried you had run your car off the road...

    I'd say your experiment worked out pretty good, you're getting some pretty nice results with focus stacking! You using special software for that or just using the layers in Photoshop?

  3. No special software Paul. I'm just using the stacking feature in photoshop.


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