Saturday, July 5, 2014

Running water

Soon to be beer I think. LOL

I was told that the Colorado mountains had a heavier than normal snow fall this past winter and the creeks and rivers in the mountains seemed to prove that out. They were running high and fast everywhere we went.

One of these times I'm going to have to take a white water rafting trip.


  1. Great choice for black and white as well. Love the long exposure on the water and the way you framed the image. The look into the deep of the forest is really beautiful.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Good job on this picture, it is a pleasure to stop by Greetings from Spain

  3. Here's my question....did you use your tripod??? Great photo :)

  4. Very nice Ron, good composition and the B&W post processing is perfect for this picture!

  5. Beautiful composition Congrats and greetings.

  6. I like the DOF on this one! It has the right angle, lighting, and great composition. Next time don't be affraid stand in the water. LOL.


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