Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Near Donkey Beach.

First, I was lucky enough for Val to show me this place, and did not get yell at by her, after I have put her through the rain, and 50 mph gusty winds for these shots!

In the past 14 years, 11 times on the island, I finally got a shot that I wanted.  What I'm trying to say is that, I always want a shot of sunrise on the beach with intense rain clouds.  I think the clouds will add more dramatic to the shot.

If you wondering what the history of this structure.  According to my guide lady in Kauai told me that, this is the rail for the sugar plantation worker to dumping their processed sugar cane into the sea.  However, it was closed down shortly after that because all the debris got wash up to Kapaa beaches area.   


  1. Small was used for pineapple tailings not sugar cane. :)

  2. Beautiful sunrise captures! The structure in the foreground really gives these photos a nice depth.

    By the way... You're killing me with all these gorgeous pictures you are posting of Kauai. Now I definitely have to go and check the place out for myself.

    1. I know Val will give you, and your family a big welcome!

  3. I love these! That first shot is fantastic!! The colors are great. I have to agree with Paul, I'm going to have to go visit Val myself one of these days.


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