Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Water Lilies

Here's my take on the water lilies that Aaron and I shot this weekend.

It's tough getting on the ground to take a photo when your son is standing by laughing the whole time.


  1. really, really pretty! the 2nd would make a great picture puzzle. ;)

    and it reminds me of a chihuly glass exhibit.

  2. Very nice! You always have to work hard for the nice shot.

  3. I think I understand your son laughing how you described how you were taking the picture.

    Nice shots though. Were you able to get up okay..

  4. I really like the way both of these pictures came out, foreground and background all in focus and nicely composed too! Were you focus stacking for these pictures?

    1. Paul, these weren't stacked for focus. They were shot at f16 but both photos are HDR images made from five bracketed shots.

  5. These turned out great!! I really like the lily pad photo a lot!


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