Thursday, July 3, 2014

These pictures it was shot in Poipu area after a long day at the beach.  Got into a little trouble with the resort manager for using a tripod on the walk way, it could be hazardous for other people tripping on my tripod.  Also, I can't use these pictures for commercial work without permission of the resort management.  I guess he just got a bad reviews on his yearly performances!


  1. It sounds to me like the resort manager was kind of a jackass! You can't take pictures of the flowers??? Not much aloha spirit there!

    Great photos though. I really like that 5th one a lot.

  2. wow, pretty restrictive! beautiful shots, though.

  3. The manager sounds like quite the "richard"! Guess he forgot the part about "The customer is always right"...

    Looking at this group of pictures I'd say your hazardous and careless photo taking was well worth the risk to the general public, great group of pictures!


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