Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Water Lilies

 First time in a month or so that I have got free from work to take a few pictures. Ron is probably gonna get me for posting these before he gets a chance to post his, but what can I say. It was nice be out with the camera and any chance you get a chance to hang out with your dad and do something you like to do together makes for a good time. Hope you all enjoy my weekend lilies.


  1. I'm glad you and Ron had some time to hang out, especially doing photography together. These are nice close-up shots!

    1. By the way, are these flowers came from the pond behind Ron house? I thought I saw some Lotus flowers on his pond! By looking at the #4 picture it looks like Lotus flower. I could be wrong!

  2. really lovely. the 3rd shot is especially nice!

  3. These came out really nice. I especially like the last two shots.

    Q, these are from the pond behind the house. We call them water lilies but I'm not sure what the real name is.

  4. You got some nice water lily pictures there, I have to agree with Tex, that 3rd shot is definitely a keeper!


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