Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A fish story...

Here's a picture of your's truly with a Coho Salmon. This was the larger of two I caught that day. The warm, sunny weather over here on the West Coast has continued well into September this year. Note the Aloha shirt and shorts... 


  1. Looks like dinner to me! Maybe some fresh sushi?

    Warm is good. I'm not looking forward to winter this year. At least we don't need sunglasses for those legs. LOL

  2. hello, you!!! my brother in alaska fishes coho. :)

  3. That's a nice fish! I like that Hula shirt more than the fish. LOL.
    Perhaps, I should wear one during my boat racing in France.

    1. I wear my aloha shirts every chance I get! No sense just wearing them in Hawaii...

    2. I'm with Paul. I wear my aloha shirts all of the time (unless it's snowing LOL)

  4. I like the shirt, but LOVE the fish.


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