Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last days of summer too

I had enough time to go out in my front yard and take a couple of photos this weekend. With the colder nights here the flowers won't be around much longer.
I think I'm ready for winter this year just so it will slow down a little.


  1. Summer flowers are so wonderful, autumn leaves are usuallly spectacular, but winter. . .that's another story!

  2. PS. I cannot find an email link to your blog so I have to ask here: where is my good blogger friend Parker? I miss him.

  3. beautiful blooms. (i miss parker, too. i saw someone wish him a good recovery, once, and i have thought of him often.)

  4. I habe fo say that we are lucky to have a mild summer this year. Hopefully, this winter won't be a coldest year either.

  5. Hey... Those look like Hawaiian flowers, nice pictures Ron!

    Yes I've been missing Parker's tasteful commentary and wonderful pictures also. Be nice to hear from you Parker if you still look in on the old blog, hope all is well with you and yours!


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