Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First day of fall...

Happiness is a full woodshed!

I heard a rumor that this might be a little colder than normal winter coming up so instead of the usual three rows of wood in the woodshed I shoehorned in a fourth row, cause you just never know!


  1. That amounts to a lot of work. Bah on cold, icy winters!!

  2. I agree. You're deffinitley set for winter.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. OK, so on your next vacation you need to come to my house and set up a hydroponic greenhouse, cut some firewood and bring some of that salmon with you! LOL

    I think you work waaaaaay to hard!

    1. Work too hard... Not a chance! It's all for fun, the moment anything feels like work then I'm off to another project, life's way too short to have to stop and use some of it up working :)

    2. Man! You really make me and Ron look bad! Around here, one phone call, and they come with a truck load. However, we have to hand over our paycheck for those firewood.


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