Friday, September 19, 2014

Wildflower buffet

Recently a power generation station was completed on a nearby river, though the entire project was an engineering wonder I must say that I kind of preferred the river in it's natural state... Anyway the part I was leading up to was that as a final touch to this power generation station many loads of rich top soil were brought in and the grounds outside of the high chain link and barbwire fences were manicured and these nice wild flowers were planted. I guess this makes everything alright... I hope the Deer enjoy the nice wildflower buffet! ☺


  1. well, at least they did that much to dress up the edge. *sigh* progress...

  2. Sounds like a government project, kind of like magicians, redirect your eyes to something other than what you should be paying attention to.

  3. Ron's comment takes veil off one's eyes; yes, the dainty flowers are lovely, but then again….


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