Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sitting in Motion

Haven't had a whole lot of time to do any photography lately. But I did get to get out of the house a couple weekends ago to go the cruise night at the annual car show our town hosts every year. There were approx. 1900 cars that came into town for the show. On Saturday night the cars take over the towns Main Street and cruise for a couple hours. This is the big to do every year and a large crowds of people are everywhere. You have to be patient to take photos with out people being in the shots and be lucky to have the cars sitting where you can position your camera to get a appealing angle. Here are two that I am pretty fond of, with the low levels of light I had to use a long shutter to get enough light which allowed for the streaking of the other cars. 


  1. Perfect title for these two pictures!

    Wow. 1900 cars, that would be something to see (and hear).

  2. Very cool Aaron! Glad u can find time to do this. You should be proud of yourself the wonderful job on these shots.

  3. These are both excellent! I really like the top one just because you are closer to the car and you can see the lights reflecting in the paint.


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