Saturday, September 6, 2014

Full load!

Looks like fishing's been good for this "Dragger" judging by where the water line is anyway! Snapped this picture with my cell phone today while fishing down at the docks in Port Hardy.


  1. I'm sure they are happy after a hard working day.

  2. Let's hope it was a full load and not taking on water! LOL

    What do they fish for up your way that they would have a full boat?

    1. In the case of this boat they were fishing for Hake which is very similar to the Pollock which is the fish used in McDonald's Fish Fillet Sandwiches. Hake is a bottom fish and is caught by dragging large open mouthed net bags across the seafloor.

      Overall it's been a very good year for commercial and sports fishing. Huge schools of Salmon returning in record numbers to the rivers this year and the bottom fishing industry continues to be busy also.

  3. Does look like a full load. I wished I lived closer to the ocean to do some fishing.


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