Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finish Line Tower

The Finish Line Tower
The Oklahoma River is designated as a U. S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site for canoe/kayak and rowing. Several National and International events are hosted during the season. This World Class Tower oversees and keeps up with the competition.

Standing at the finish line with the Devon Boathouse in the background I couldn't help but notice all the triangles that were incorporated in the architecture.

Triangular Tower
The building contains a welcome center, floors dedicated to timing, race control and media center. Also included is a VIP viewing center and observation deck.

View to the Top
Located on the North Bank of the Oklahoma River, the Tower has a commanding view of the river as well as the Oklahoma City Skyline.

More to come


  1. all those triangles make me think sail boat instead of kayaks and canoes. :)

  2. Good eye Parker! Interesting architecture in this building and full of triangles as you pointed out.

  3. Another great building to photograph! It would be neat to come back for a event and capture some of the action!

  4. Nice architechtural shots Parker. That's one wierd building!


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