Friday, January 24, 2014

Inside the Navigational Vortex

I Found The Way!
My last post I promised to take you to the very core of the vortex. Follow me for I think I have found the path!

Mirrors-But No Smoke!
Last night, during the midnight hours, the sextant was oriented to Polaris. Latitude and longitude are well established. This day at high noon it is noted that the Sun is reflected to a northern position to align with the reflected position of the North Star. It took many Mirrors to accomplish this course; But no smoke!

A Picasso Moment!
As I looked up to see down, the very ground that the compass rose was standing on appeared in my lens. The blue sky which is really up appeared down to complete the scene. I wonder if I have discovered Picasso's inspiration?

In The Storm!
At least we have discovered how to orient ourselves to the horizon inside this vortex. Up is down and down is up. One other thing of note is how the designer of this sculpture brought the surroundings, or environment, into this vortex as well. Genius design. Although for me if I stared to long in the core, tunnel vision began to develop which made me feel if I was being tossed in a storm!

 Past or Future?
After the journey from inside the navigational creation it felt good to have my feet back on good old terra firma!  What had we just been a part of? The past or future or maybe just a fantasy. Decided it was all three. Enjoying sculptures like I do, finding one that inspires to challenge the visual and mental senses as this one did is a rarity. Sure beats a guy on a horse with his sword drawn!  


  1. really neat views of it. loved the picasso comparisons. and i heard the 'twilight zone' music playing...

  2. An interesting riot of geometry, color and light!

  3. Almost looks like a photo puzzle. Great shots.

  4. Cool shots! You certainly don't want to be drinking when looking into the vortex. You might just fall over.

  5. These are great Parker. They all look like photo collages, great job on the perspective and composition.

  6. They all look like avant garde contemporary art work.


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