Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visit to the Boathouse District

Two Honks For Sunshine!
Fair weather with bright Sunshine was the order of the day. Light westerly winds caught my sails and carried me east to Oklahoma City where I took a walk around the Boathouse District.

First Stop!
Located on the north bank of the Oklahoma River the Chesapeake Boathouse was the first building to be built in the the newly formed district.

View of the Prow!
Award winning architecture with a nautical theme is seen throughout the Boathouse District.

The Chesapeake Boathouse seen above offers the public rentals and lessons in rowing, kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating, as well as cycling, running and other fitness activities.

The Oklahoma River claims a seven mile stretch of the North Canadian River. Oklahoma City built a series of locks and dams along this waterway which makes it possible for boats to navigate the entire distance. The day of my visit, repairs and improvements required this particular river lake to be drained and the flow you see is the original river bed. Usually one sees a pristine body of water that reaches from just shy of the boats all the way to the south shore line.

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  1. wow! really neat area! love the 3rd photo!

  2. Very unique structure! I like the name on that boat Racy Lacy....

  3. I like the boats in the last shot.

  4. Interesting group of pictures! I also recall an earlier post by you from the Boat District, looks like quite the place, amazing architecture to be sure.


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