Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's NEVER to cold to take photos!

A while back Ron posted it was too cold to take photos. I have to disagree. These were taking on a balmy 10 degree November morning. I was headed out to do some deer hunting, I always pack my camera gear whenever I head out of the house to do anything in the outdoors. You just never know when something will present itself that you want to take a photo of.

As I headed out to where I was going to hunt the sun began to come up and I could tell it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. I put away my hunting equipment and grab the camera and tripod instead and rushed to the pond across the road to set up on the pond dam. I was rewarded with this amazing sunrise and the opportunity to capture a few ducks on the far end of the pond which still held the fall warmth releasing a fog.

  As the sun rose the ducks realized they were no longer alone and decide they didn't want to stay on the water with the intruder. They took to the air and I captured their silhouette against the blaze orange sky.


  1. beautiful colors, throughout. thanks for the cold photos!

  2. Love the colors on these photos! My favorite one is the #2. That's nice to get to do 2 things in one trip.

  3. Gorgeous captures Aaron. Love, love the first shot.


  4. Wow Aaron these are all gorgeous captures! First one grabs your attention but I love the lighting in the last two pictures. Good thing you took your camera along that day!

  5. Wise words. One never knows when the intended quarry will suddenly change to another! I hesitate to pick favorites among others pics-but #2 is a keeper for me!

  6. Show off! It's definitely too cold to take photos some times. Just wait till you get older! LOL


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