Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Road to Hana

Fifty two miles with 620 curves and...
...fifty nine bridges.
 And the trip, if done right, will take you all day long. The trip to Hana isn't about getting to Hana, it's about seeing the sites along the way including the rain forest, waterfalls and breath taking views of the coast line. It's well worth the day it takes to do it right, stopping along the way to take in the sites and have a picnic lunch because there are no restaurants along the way.
You can eat in Hana as long as you are willing to pay a very high premium for a mediocre sandwich or burger.


  1. Lots of twists and turns along that drive! Nice capture of the horseshoe bend.

  2. Welcome back my friend! I'm agree with you on the road to Hana, with 620 curves there's always something to see around those curves. Yep, I did ate a burger in one of those hotel in Hana, and it was a most expensive hamburger I ever paid for "$40". But, it was one of the best burger I ever ate. Good work on the ND filter, I love that fish eye shot.

  3. Nice new pictures from the Road to Hana to add to all the other great pictures you already have from there!
    This place is definitely on my bucket list!

  4. I've enjoyed this spectacular road but our grandson got car sick; lot of curves!!


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