Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Futuristic Navigational Device?

Compass Rose
Owen Morrel
Aluminum&Stainless Steel Sculpture
Inspired by primitive navigation devices including an astrolabe and a sextant, this 25ft sculpture made a nice fit to the nautical themed Boating District.

Populist Art
Assembled in Sept. 2013, the sculptor created his work for the people and public spaces. The stainless steel mirrors are designed to bring the viewers and surrounding environment into the core of the piece as one navigates the perimeter.

Next post I will attempt to take you into the very Vortex of this multi-dimensional way finder! 


  1. one of those cool spinning top toys! :)

    1. I would think that the gyroscope would have to be an influence in keeping the horizon oriented in this sculpture. A nice point!

  2. Interesting design. I like the color combo.

  3. Beautiful sculpture! Nothing small about it either, be nice to see this one in person.

  4. You have been providing us a great tour of the city. I may have to explore this area in the near future, it's a lot shorter drive than to Santa Fe.

  5. Don't quite know what to say about this sculpture except that it is astonishing!


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