Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food for the Soul, Part 1

I had a chance to get away for a few days this past weekend so I ran like the wind to the Wichita Mountains.

Ever since I was a "wee lad", which was a really long time ago, I have been drawn to the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. There's something about them that gives me the feeling that I belong there and that the mountains are a part of me.

This is no doubt something from a past life but I've never been able to get over it and to be truthful, I have never really tried. There is something reviving to my soul to be able to hike out into these mountains and be alone and feel like I am home, surrounded by the energies that make me me.

I know Parker has this same feeling and in honor of him I am going to post a small series of photos from the Wichita Mountains over the next few days.

You might remember this spot from some night photos Aaron and I posted last year. This is in Medicine Park , Oklahoma, the gateway to the Wichitas.


  1. just beautiful a place that claims your soul. :)

  2. Tis a beautiful capture.

    How is Parker doing? Miss his posts'

  3. Thank you to introduced this place to me few years ago, and really enjoyed to do those things with you and Cheryl in the past.

  4. Real nice picture of this spectacular setting, looking forward to more pictures from the Wichita Mountains!


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