Friday, April 17, 2015

Lysichiton americanus & Equisetum arvense (Skunk Cabbage & Horsetail weed)

A couple of interesting spore bearing plants native to the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.


  1. oh, how very cool! thanks for sharing them! that first shot is awesome!

  2. Nice detail Paul. Great detail in all of them. I really like the top shot with the water ripples for the background.

    1. Believe it or not it had just started to hail when I took the top picture, thus the ripples. A minute or two later the sky let go and it hailed like crazy! Typical April weather I guess...

  3. I'm with Aarron, the ripples in the background ont he first shot really make the shot. I really like that second shot too. They look like they are growing out of the ground right before your eyes.

  4. They are all beautiful but the second shot fascinates me.

  5. Someone having fun on the macro shot lately! Keep coming Paul, these are great.


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