Thursday, April 23, 2015


When I spotted this old stump hanging off a rock cliff I knew there was a picture that needed to be taken but couldn't figure out how to get the camera how to see what I was seeing until I tried the camera's B&W setting. "Voila" as they say, that did the trick!


  1. fabulous shot!!! love this!!! speaks to hanging on under the worst of circumstances and still looking so beautiful in doing it.

  2. Beautiful take. Trees and stumps intrigue me. Black and white give so much detail. Thanks for showing.

    I started to draw them several years ago in black and white.

    In my blog I have them posted. So I enjoyed this. Unfortunately several years ago we had a Tornado and so many trees were up rooted then it is sad to see .

  3. I love this shot. You need to go back at halloween and put a lighted jack o lantern under it and take another photo!


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