Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Storms on the horizon

The storms never made it to us last night but they did give me an opportunity to take some photos. Normally I would have been in bed but I decided my lazy butt needed to get out and get some shots.


  1. wow how awesome is this display.

  2. Storm on the horizon threatening looks, and the pictures very interesting. Regards.

  3. Beautiful photos.. Great work .. Congratulations.

  4. Really impressive lightning captures!
    So how did you manage to capture the lightning as it flashed?

  5. To start with, you have to use a tripod. LOL

    I set the ISO to 3200 and the f stop to f4 and manual focus set to infinity. Then you put your camera in bulb mode and you hold the shutter open until the litghtning flashes and then you close it.

    You have to make sure not to hold the shutter open for more than about 20 seconds or the photo will be too bright. If no lightning flashes in that 20 seconds you just close the shutter and open it again and hope your camera is pointed in the right direction.

    1. I shoot it a little different. I set my ISO at 400 and aperture to F8. It allows you to leave the shutter open longer and it won't be to bright. Also it helps with depth of field. It also helps if you have a close lighting strike to keep it from washing out the image.


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