Thursday, April 16, 2015

Food for the Soul, Part 5

The End

I couldn't think of a better way to end this series than a couple of sunset photos of Mount Scott.

Everybody rides off into the sunset, right?

I guess the only thing better than a sunset is a big ole steak and a cold beer to go with it.

Q said he would cook the steaks if I brought them and I thought that was a great deal so we had a little surf and turf while camping.

I could get used to traveling with a personal chef! LOL


  1. wow! go, Q! :) LOVE these watery sunsets, too!

  2. Those sunsets are awesome! I will take one of those steaks also. I like mine medium rare if you don't mind.

  3. Amazing colors in those sunsets.

  4. Beautiful sunset captures! At first I thought these were more Hawaii sunsets until I read your commentary...

    Q's culinary creations look absolutely mouth wateringly delicious!

    Really nice series Ron!

  5. We need to do this again soon.

  6. How bout you all come to Kauai and we'll BBQ and shoot photos!!


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