Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Looking into Haleakala

This is looking down into Haleakala, the dormant volcano on Maui, from a viewpoint about 1000 feet below the summit.

It's been pretty nice up that high this summer. Normally when I go to the summit it's about 35-40 degrees but this summer the coldest it has been is 52. When I went up during the day to take some more shots it was still 65 degrees at the top. That's great weather for the top of the volcano and it meant I didn't have to put on long pants and a coat.

Being here for just a month has gotten me very accustomed to shorts and sandals. I only own 4 pairs of socks now!


  1. Than's quite the landscape inside Haleakala!

    Before long all your "mainland" clothing will be packed away and you'll forget where you left your coat! :)

    1. I have my coat in the truck for when I decide to run to the top of the volcano. All of my long pants are buried in the back of a closet now except one pair, also for the top of the volcano. :~)


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