Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sunset from 8000 feet above the sea

Once again I headed back up the volcano. This time with my wife so she could learn a little about her camera and shooting sunsets.

These were both taken during the same sunset. The top photo was taken a little earlier and looking off to the left (southwest) and the bottom photo was taken just as the sun went below the tops of the clouds.

Haleakala, the dormant volcano on Maui, is considered to be a sacred place by the Hawaiians and for some reason I continue to find myself drawn to the mountain.

There's a big controversy going on now between the Hawaiians and the federal government because the government, in their infinite wisdom, has decided they need another telescope on top of the volcano and they don't care that it is sacred ground.

There have been protests here, with people laying on the road in front of and under the big trucks hauling the equipment to the top of the mountain and several people have been arrested.

I have to say, I am siding with the Hawaiians on this. They already have telescopes at the top of the volcano and they have several on the Big Island. If they want a new one then why don't they just replace one of the ones that is already there instead of disturbing new ground.

OK, I have put my soap box away for now. 

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  1. What a choice location for sunsets, nothing like that beautiful golden hour light for pictures!


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