Sunday, September 13, 2009

About that airport..........

It's not exactly an airport and you're not looking down a runway but................

The red roof you see in the bottom right corner of the photo is the end of my front porch. This is a crop duster that was working a field next to my property and doing his turn arounds over my house. When I first heard him go over it scared the crap out of me!

Doing a little fancy turn around, or showing off, I'm not sure which. I'm sure he could see me standing in the yard with my camera. I could clearly see him in the cockpit of the plane even without the zoom lens.

I didn't even see the bird when I was taking the photo. He kind of snuck into the photo by accident. I'm sure he was probably trying to get out of the way of the "big noisy bird"!


  1. Great series of pictures, sharp and colourful! Most of these crop duster flyers are nuts! But I think they must have allot of fun!

    I once spoke with a young lady who worked for a crop duster outfit as a spoter. Basicly her job was to stand at the end of the field where the the crop duster was to fly then move over so many feet each pass giving the pilot somewhere to aim. Well I guess she did this most of a summer but quit after one of the planes wheels touched her head on one pass! Can you immagine?

  2. Ask me about my crop dusting story


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