Thursday, September 10, 2009

A road to nowwhere.......

Am I being repetitive? I actually took this photo on the same day as the train track photo but this was earlier in the day. I wasn't even trying to shoot the road, I was more interested in the slice of sunlight at the end of the road and the road gave it a little context. For some reason it looked better in person!

I guess this was my day to tempt fate, first in the middle of the road and then in the middle of a train track. Maybe I should stand in the middle of an airport runway next?


  1. Your last two photos arn't repetitave... You can't sell that! Rather you need to call them "theme" photos. This you can sell!

    As for standing in the middle of an airport runway, do that in Canada and you would get a public nusance fine and a warning. Do that down your way and you would find yourself in Gitmo branded a terrorest by Homeland Security and never see the light of day, ever, no really never! LOL

    Nice pictures, both of them!

  2. The road goes on forever and the party never ends! mp


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