Monday, June 28, 2010

Dallas Area, and Cadillac Ranch

I should bet on #4 instead!

This cat came up smelling the flower while I'm
testing out my new 105mm micro lense on the


  1. These are all great shots, I especially like the black and white one. The lines in the paver stones and the buildings combined really give it a lot of depth.

    Betting on the horses? You might as well just set your money on fire and watch it burn! LOL

  2. Nice black and white. Has a realistic downtown

  3. I'm impressed with the shot of the two horses. The background is just the right amount out of focus and the main subjects are sharp as a tack!

    The black and white leaves one wanting to know more about the main subjects. This makes for powerfull pictures!

    The cat with the flower is a great shot! Better by far than just the flower by it's self would have been.

    I'd love to go check out those funky old cars! Nice fun photo.


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