Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a storm coming . . .

We had a big storm roll through on Monday night, Lots of lightning strikes, one even hit about a mile north of my house and started a small range fire. They got the fire put out about the time it started pouring rain, and I mean pouring.

You couldn't even see the mountains it was coming down so hard!


  1. Nice capture! I like #2 photo, it looks like a violence storm. I saw a similar cloud formation right above of my house yesterday in Dallas. I wouldn't brave enough to go out take picture like you Ron.

  2. Those are some nasty looking clouds! I dont know mucha about tornados but if I saw those I'd be looking for a place to hide.
    All three nice contrasty shots

  3. Great shots ! Always happy to see rain on "My Mountains" mp


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