Monday, June 28, 2010

Reno, and Virginia City Nevada

I have made a deposit at this
casino, but never got a chance
to make a withdraw yet!


  1. I have to say the subject matter of this set of photos is definitely interesting!

    The lighting on the cowboy makes him look almost unreal, like a really good statue!

    The mirror shot is really nice, great use of the surroundings and everything is in focus, you really have to look at this one.

    The bottom photo makes me want to go to that casino, and not to gamble!

  2. I'm with Ron on the mirror shot. Lots of things going on in this pic. Exposure and focus on the money. mp

  3. Great character study on the cowboy shots!

    The mirror shot is a great candid shot good subject matter too.

    On the bottom shot, just what are they advertising there anyway... LOL

  4. On the last photo, I thought that was a dresscode for all the female dealers, and cocktails waitress.


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