Sunday, September 23, 2012

Call Of The Road

Spirit Road
Been a long Hot summer! A couple of days ago I began tinkering and preparing the travel trailer for a get-away. Yesterday hosted a Big Fandango for my grandsons 18th birthday at the house, so now I can selfishly pursue this inner calling that always comes with the first day of fall. Need to see a Sunrise again on a Foggy Morn!
Sunset In The Wichitas
Need to see a Sunset after a Windy and Dusty day in the Southwest Plains of Oklahoma!
Home For A While
A manicured grounds with water and electric plus a Lake View works sometimes! Not my usual fare. Electric with the Buffalo and Deer and Post Oak trees is my favorite!
Will be out of touch for a few days or weeks depending on???


  1. oh, enjoy yourself, parker! looks great!

  2. Happy trails, hopefully many interesting things find themselves in front of your camera (while you are behind it)!

  3. Have a good time, and a safe trip my friend.

  4. I feel that call also so I will see you in a month. Enjoy your trip and stay out of trouble! Don't dig up any gold without me. LOL

  5. That first shot makes me want to take a roadtrip.

  6. Ewwwww I LOVE your home for awhile! enjoy and report back what you see.:)


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