Friday, September 14, 2012

Hawaiian sunset

Hawaiian sunset peeping from the sea
Smiles and says aloha to his sweetheart hawaii
The drowsy islands slumber one by one
Close their sleepy eyelids say goodnight to the sun
Then hawaii like millions of times before
Blossoms in her lover’s arms once more
Too soon the sunrise will wake her from her sleep
So until tomorrow, sleep hawaii sleep.

From the Elvis Presley song "Hawaiian Sunset" 
(words & music by sid tepper - roy bennett)


  1. A wonderful sundown. Like the little touches of people and sailboats, adds great interest!

    Elvis could sure croon out a song! Perfect words for the pic.

  2. Me thinks you got the "fever" again!! LOL Beautiful shot, Lahaina??

    1. Hi Val, I haven't been to Maui yet, that's Ron's department... This is Sans Souci Beach near the Zoo in Waikiki.

    2. oops, I just assumed it was Ron's photo!!
      Wanted to ask you, when you shoot your D90 what do you set your image size at?? Right now I've set it for Medium, which takes forever to download onto blogger. Do I loose any quality if I set it to small?? What do you recommend? DOn't do RAW yet!! MAybe someday.

    3. Val I usually have my D90 set at it's highest jpeg quality which is L (large) and FINE sometimes if I need to get lots of pictures on a card I will go to L and NORM for double the amount of pictures and no noticeable difference in quality.

      Before I post a picture to this blog I resize it using a free little program called "Visualizer Photo Resize" I've set the maximum size of the resized photo to 1200 x 1500 pixels. This is like a 1.5mp picture which is just fine for viewing on the internet and much faster to upload!

      Additionally with this program you can add a "watermark" to your picture when you resize it like "Val's Picture" or whatever you like.

    4. Thanks Paul...going to check it out now. I really do appreciate you guys willingness to share your knowledge with us novice photographers.

    5. Val you can count me in with the novices... I'm just learning as I go same as you! LOL

    6. I did it!!! it only took me most of the day to figure the photo visualizer download out, but I did it!!! Thanks for the info Paul. Hopefully, I will get quicker at the whole process :)

  3. First off, I'm honored that Val thought this was my photo because it's a great photo. I love the silhouettes of trees and people and boats against all of the color. Very nice! I'm seen photos like this for sale in some home decor stores in Kansas City.

    Secondly, See you have been holding out on us! LOL

    Third, Val, Paul is right about resizing your photo before putting it on your blog. It will load faster and use less space. Blogger only allows you so much free storage space per person so the larger your photos the more space you use and the slower they load. He's also right about the settings on the camera. If you're not going to shoot RAW then your camera settings ought to be at large and fine. If you need more memory I would suggest spending the money for another memory card because the better the quality of the photo the more you can do with it in post processing if you want to.

    And yea, I ALWAYS have the fever! LOL

  4. I like the way you add the coconut trees as your foreground. Nice work!


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